Kkhopang's version of Swapfell Sans was the first variation of Swapfell Sans to be made, the one who started it all. This design is less popular. Some artists draw Swapfell!Sans like this

Profile Edit

Personality Edit

Sans is extremely anxious and aggressive, he has a bunch of unpaid bill in his mailbox, he desired power of join in the royal guard, desired being respect. the mauve swapfell skelebros are underclass citizens strives on survival. Papyrus seeks for the satisfaction physically and sans seeks for the content mentally, they are actually the bully of the raindin, everyone of raindin hates them and are scared of them.

Relationships Edit

Papyrus Edit

???? wat

Alphys Edit

Sans and Alphys are in a bitter-sweet relationship with each other, both want each other dead.

Gallery Edit

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